“Tru Talk” Peer Mentoring Program

"Tru Talk" is a safe place for youth & young adults to discuss the peer pressures of life.

Our philosophy stems from the Gardiner Foundation motto, “We Are Our Brother's Keeper,” understanding that we don’t just live in a vacuum, but we are all connected. 

  • We teach them conflict resolution.
  • Help them to discover and respect themselves, while helping them to cultivate the gifts and talents they have inside.
  • “Tru Talk” is about helping the youth/young adults of this generation to get the breakthroughs needed in their lives and push past the barriers preventing them from becoming all they can be.
  • "Tru Talk” is about helping the individual see what they bring to the table of life, what they bring to their families and just as important, what they bring to their community, which eventually makes a better society for us all.

The youth and young adults who participate in "Tru Talk" also help us to serve and give back to the community throughout the year at our other events.