The Gardiner Foundation Scholarship

For a young person, losing a family member can be a devastating experience. However, losing multiple family members all at once is almost unthinkable. That’s what happened to Dexter Gardiner, who on July 9, 2006 lost six family members in a tragic car accident on the Bronx River Parkway.

Yet despite the loss, Dexter chose to use the tragedy as a way to help others who have experienced similar situations in losing beloved family members unexpectedly. Needless to say, for those left behind, especially children whose college education may suddenly be in doubt due to financial concerns, the world can suddenly seem very uncertain.

However, thanks to Dexter choosing to start the Gardiner Foundation, children in these unthinkable circumstances can rest easy, knowing they can receive financial help for their education. By teaming up with Jeff Korek and his partners at the law firm of Gersowitz, Libo, and Korek P.C., a scholarship of $1,500 will be awarded annually to as many as five deserving students. By doing so, we at the Gardiner Foundation can do our part to help ease the financial burden a student’s family may have in trying to help them realize their dreams of higher education.

Gardiner Foundation Events

  • Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway
  • Annual Basketball Classic Tournament
  • Annual Basketball Clinic
  • Holiday Toy Drive
  • Events at the HeartShare Women’s Shelter

Whether helping more than 1000 families with a free Thanksgiving meal or enjoying free entertainment, food and beverages and exciting action on the basketball court, to working with the woman and children at the homeless shelter, Gardiner Foundation takes great pride in partnering with GLK to help local families not only with financial and scholarship assistance, but also with help obtaining school supplies, spiritual mentoring, and burial assistance if needed.

Dedicated to Helping the Community

The Gardiner Foundation is more dedicated than ever to helping those in our community overcome tragedy and discover happiness and achievement in their lives. By partnering with Gersowitz, Libo, and Korek P.C., a personal injury firm that deals with family tragedies on a daily basis, we strive to address  just how important financial resources can be to a family struggling with sudden loss. If your family is in need of attorneys who can help you with a personal injury claim, contact Gersowitz, Libo, and Korek P.C. for a free consultation, and let them help you get the financial compensation you and your family need and deserve.

Awarding Scholarships

Once we have looked over all the applications and determined those we feel are the most deserving, the winning students and their families will be contacted. And when it comes time to award the scholarships, the ceremony will be held at the Gardiner Foundation Basketball Classic at St. James Park in late August. Always a very rewarding and emotional event, the scholarship ceremony is our way of not only recognizing the students and their families, but also having an opportunity to express our thoughts regarding the courage shown by each family.

How to Apply for the Gardiner Foundation Scholarship

Students must meet the following requirements in order to qualify for the scholarship.

  • Proof of a four-year high school transcript
  • Most recent report card submission
  • Written letter to the Gardiner Foundation explaining why you should receive the scholarship (500 Word Maximum)
  • Letter of recommendation from a Guidance Counselor, Dean or Principal
  • Copy of a college acceptance letter
Or to apply by mail please mail the above listed information for consideration. All information must be addressed and mailed to:

    Kathy Olivo
    111 Broadway, Suite 1204
    New York, NY 10006

Past Scholarship Recipients

2021 Winners
  • Kimani Merchant
  • Justin N. Montanez
  • Aaron L. Montanez
  • Tiaje Bennett
  • Naia Braxton
2019 Winners
  • Jimmy Ascencio
  • Madison Kerr
  • Tyler McInnis
  • Charles Noonan
  • Emily Smith
  • Tyrone Davis III
  • Myles Mathias
2018 Winners
  • Bryce Branch
  • Dontez Braxton
  • Brittani Broderick
  • Diamond Brown
  • Jayvawn Clarke
  • Tyrone Davis III
  • Anthony Greer
  • Kendall McInnis
  • Skye Michele Saunders
  • Dane Simpson
2017 Winners
  • Farahana Appiah
  • Kate Appiah
  • Malik Campbell
  • Destin Huggins
  • Averi Parker
2016 Winners - $1,500 each
  • Justin Gilchrist
  • A'Donte Braxton
  • Breanna Wilkerson
  • Penda Smith
2015 Winners - $1,500 each
  • Justin Williams
  • Dority Mensah
  • Tiffany Sarpong
  • Destiny Huggins
  • Torrie Evans
2014 Scholarships-$1,000
  • Brandon Patterson
  • Brandon Howell
  • Joseph Simmons
  • Tyler Parking
2013 Scholarships-$1,500
  • Naim Bligen
  • Dominique Henderson
  • Dajahn V. Myers
  • Terrell Segre
2010 Scholarships-$1,500
  • Jack Middleton
  • Shaun Mattocks
  • Denzel Henderson
  • Chantel Corley
  • Antaya Bright
2009 Scholarships-$1,500 ea.
  • Ashley Hargrove
  • Durand Scott
  • Wesley Meyers
2008 Scholarships-$500 ea.
  • Atiya Blackwell
  • Denielle Henderson
2007 Scholarship-$500
  • Dominique Pagan

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