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GARDINER LOGO1The Gardiner foundation was started by my husband Dexter Gardiner in 2006 after the tragedy of losing 6 family members at one time in a car accident, on the Bronx River Parkway.Dexter’s mother along with his youngest sister also died that year, a total of 8 family members lost in that year. So the year 2006 was a very horrific time for us, BUT out of so much pain & suffering , The Gardiner Foundation was born, and we have been moving forward ever since.

Since the accident on the Bronx River there has unfortunately been many other accidents where people have lost their lives, and because of that my husband decided to go toe to toe with the city, The Dept Of Transportation (DOT) to fix that parkway and raise the barriers on each lane.  So, if you’re on the Bronx RiverPkwy and you see that the barriers are raised that’s because Dexter Gardiner refused to stay silent about the matter and said its time to make a change.


(Our Philosophy)

1. The Gardiner Foundation, Two day memorial Basketball tournament

As many of you already know, The Gardiner Foundation 2 day basketball Memorial tournament is not just about basketball, basketball it just the tool we use to connect and unify with our community, to support one another in times of tragedy.

The 2 day tournament is like saying hey! We see you and we understand the pain that you’re going through, because we’ve been there too. This 2 day event conveys the message that WE WILL STAND WITH YOU, AS A COMMUNITY TO HELP YOU THROUGH YOUR PAIN.

This makes our tournament very unique. We have since seen other tournaments mimic what we’re doing and we say; yes go ahead, do it! – That’s what the GF movement is all about,making a change, impacting our community.

The Gardiner Foundation :

*Provides scholarships for 1st time college bound inner city youth – We have awarded up to $1500 to these individuals, and have been doing so for 10 years – we started out funding it out of pocket but then, God sent some angels to help and that’s when Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C. Law firm (GLK) came aboard to help us expand our vision in serving our community.

*We recognize families who have suffered a tragedy in our community & provide support

*Give away 350 books bags filled with school supplies to kids in the community

*Raffle off & give away 21 tablets for kids in community for educational enhancement each year

* On these 2 days we also provide free food & beverages for the entire community

*Have free give-aways and fun activities for the kids for the 2 days

*We Invite NBA & Ex- NBA players to motivate and encourage our kids & youth on education & achieving their life goals.


2. “Tru Talk” Peer mentoring program is a safe place for youth & young adults to discuss the peer pressures of life.

  • We teach them conflict resolution.
  • Help them to discover & respect themselves, while helping them to cultivate the gifts & talents they have inside.
  • “Tru talk” is about helping the youth/young adults of this generation to get the breakthroughs needed in their lives & push past the barriers preventing them from becoming all they can be.
  • Tru talk”  is about helping the individual see what they bring to the table of life, what they bring to their families and just as important, what they bring to their community, which eventually makes a better society for us all.

This is our philosophy, which stems from the Gardiner Foundation Motto, “We Are Our Brothers Keeper,” Understanding that we don’t just live in a vacuum, but we are all connected. These same youth & young adults also help us to serve &give back to the community throughout the year in our other events.

3.  Gardiner Foundation year round kids basketball Team

  • We recruit kids Ages 12-16 to be a part of our basketball team-we build relationship with the kids and their families & mentor them.
  • We take them out on recreational trips & talk to them about their academics and progress in school. We also help them to see how their academics tie in to what they want to achieve in life.
  • We teach them to how to work together & support one another as a team & have good sportsmanship.  *We help them to understand that it’s not all about themselves, and teach them to give back by allowing them to work with foundation as we serve the community. ie during our annual turkey give-away, and 2day memorial event as well participate in coordinating recreational trips for the Foundation.

4. Gardiner Foundation annual Turkey give-a way

We provide free turkeys with condiments to the people in the community, last year we gave away 500 turkeys to our community. We understand the struggle of not having what you need to really enjoy the holidays with your family. We also understand that it’s around the holidays when many people feel most lonely. So, we thought, what better way to connect with our family in the community than to provide free turkeys. We use the Thanksgiving season as a time to connect and show our love to our community.

Ending word

How do we create a better society?

By taking one kid at a time, one person at a time, touching one family at a time and showing them that they matter, because “WE ARE OUR BROTHERS KEEPER!”

Please continue to support The Gardiner Foundation Inc. financially as we have these Fundraisers & events, so we can continue to do this great work in our community!

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